3on3 Freestyle – 3 Things We Love (And Hate) About This Street Basketball Game

Three Things We Love and Hate About 3on3 Freestyle

Fast-paced and interactive, 3on3 Freestyle is shaping into a promising title from Korean developer Joycity. We recently got our hands on the 3on3 Freestyle beta, and were thoroughly excited about the prospect of a new street basketball game. Check out our list of three things we loved and hated about the 3on3 Freestyle Beta.

The Love List


3on3 Freestyle definitely has a bright, vibrant style befitting a street basketball game. The colors are vibrant and the characters all exhibit their own style as well. While characters seem stereotypical and unrealistic on their own, they fit in well overall with the style the game has going for it. The crowd, which are comprised of mostly geometrical features, also fit in well despite having a style distinctly different from the players.

3on3 Freestyle

Character Choices

The characters in 3on3 Freestyle are all unique, sporting 10 characters of various play styles, skills, race, and actual style. Whether playing as the younger Korean baller Kim or the burly center Big Dog, each character has their own skillset and style that sets them apart. Despite having 10 characters in a three-on-three game, I still wish there were a bit more.


3on3 is a very fitting title for this game, and not only because the game features a three-on-three basketball game. You can play against another opponent by selecting your character and your two teammates, but more importantly you can also play in a six player multiplayer match, whether with your friends or with strangers. I personally love this aspect of the game, despite it being featured in other games already.

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