Top 10 PlayStation 4 Games to Watch for in 2019

Days Gone (April 26th)

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a zombies experience to really get excited about and though we may have been hoping State of Decay 2 would scratch that itch, it just didn’t happen. Days Gone, from SIE Bend Studio, is an action-adventure survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic open world that takes its cues from The Last of Us and Sons of Anarchy, and that’s definitely a good thing. Not only is the environment rich, but the gameplay is tense. Sure, it’s been delayed a little bit, but the few extra months will allow for more polish, and that’s not a bad thing here. This game has a ton of potential and we’re positive this is a game to watch for this year.

Rage 2 (May 14)

After some questionable decisions and a disappointing release of Fallout 76 Bethesda is looking to start fresh in 2019. What better way to do this than with id Software and Avalanche Studio’s post-apocalyptic open world sequel of the hit sci-fi first-person shooter Rage? Rage 2 is set to be fast-paced, chaotic and completely chock-full of inappropriately hilarious fun. Bethesda is promising fans more than the original game, with bigger guns, more vehicle gameplay, and bigger explosions, and with everything we’ve seen it’s hard not to be hyped for this game.


Remedy Entertainment is back with a mind-bending third-person shooter that looks absolutely gorgeous and beyond intense. Control sets the stage for players to take hold of Jesse’s supernatural abilities to maneuver through ever changing environments and to push the boundaries of reality. Everything we’ve seen so far suggests that Control will be trippy as hell, chaotic, and deeply mysterious. That, combined with the levitation and telekinesis aspects, brings forth a game with a ton of potential worth keeping on your radar.

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