The Top 10 Upcoming PS4 Games We Can’t Wait to Play

Top 10 Most-Anticipated Upcoming PS4 Games

2017 has been a banner year for PS4 gamers, and if you’ve been finding your “Must-Play” list getting backlogged these past few months, we’ve got some bad news; it’s only going to get more piled up. Yup, there’s still a huge list of awesome games coming your way, so stay stocked up on Red Bull and Cheetos, because sleep is a luxury that today’s PS4 owner simply cannot afford.

Here are the Top 10 amazing, spectacular, colossal upcoming PS4 games that we just can’t wait to get our hands on.

upcoming PS4 games


10 – Middle Earth: Shadow of War – Coming October 10, 2017

We loved Shadow of Mordor‘s huge open-world environment and its innovative Nemesis system, and it’s looking like developer Monolith Productions is giving us more of what we loved in the impressive-looking sequel, Middle Earth: Shadow of War. You will now be able to lay siege to Fortresses, each controlled by a big Overlord boss. That combined with new enemies – including the Nazgul and dragons – makes Middle Earth: Shadow of War a must-play when it releases in October. Oh, and did we mention the gorgeous visual upgrade? Stuff this footage into your eye-holes and see for yourself!

9 – Call of Duty WWII – Coming November 3, 2017

After Battlefield 1‘s success in taking things back to WWI, Call of Duty looks to follow suit in this new entry that returns the series to dubya-dubya-two for the first time since World at War in 2009. It’s still early days, but we are very intrigued by the grittier tone shown off in the Call of Duty WWII reveal trailer (below). Our own Erin Soares tried the game’s Beta and praised the return to realistic combat and historically-appropriate weapons as a step forward for the iconic franchise. Let’s hope this FPS lives up to the hype.

8 – The Last of Us Part II – No Release Date Yet

One of PlayStation’s most iconic exclusives finally gets a sequel, which kinda makes it “the Second-Last of Us”…? Anyhoo, we actually don’t know a whole lot about this title, but hey – it’s from Naughty Dog, so you know it will be awesome. From what we know, it takes place 5 years after the original, and this time Ellie is front-and-center, and she is very angry about … something. Check out the Teaser Trailer from PlayStation Experience 2016 and keep your fingers crossed that we’ll see this game soon.

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