The Top 10 Things We Want to See From Nintendo in 2021

Here is part two of the Top 10 Things We Want to See From Nintendo in 2021

6. Expanded Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online Kid Icarus

For the Nintendo Switch, instead of offering their classic catalog of games via a pay-per-game Virtual Console like the did with the Wii and Wii U, Nintendo has opted to provide gamers a curated list of NES and SNES classics as a part of their paid Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. The service currently provides approximately 100 games from the two classic consoles. For 2021, Nintendo needs to expand the service even further. There were over 2000 games developed for the NES and SNES, so it stands to reason there are plenty of other classics that should make their way to the service. Beyond that, I’d also like to see them dive into other consoles. I noted earlier that Nintendo 64 games should come to the service as part of the console’s 25th birthday. However, I’d also like to see Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games added to the service.

7. Much Ado About Metroid

Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch

Another iconic Nintendo franchise is celebrating a big anniversary this year. On Aug 6th, 1986, the Metroid franchise turns 35 and could definitely use some attention. It’s been three years since Metroid: Samus Returns arrived on the Nintendo 3DS. While it’s unlikely Metroid Prime 4 will be ready to launch this year, there is still plenty Nintendo can do to appease us fans. First, release the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Nintendo Switch with higher resolutions and native 16:9 screen size. Include both Metroid Hunters and the Metroid Prime 2 online multiplayer components.

And as a fun little bonus, throw Metroid Prime Pinball into the mix – creating the most complete Metroid Prime experience possible. Second, release Metroid: Samus Returns on Nintendo Switch. Third, add Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission to Nintendo Switch Online’s library in a brand new Game Boy Advance category. And finally, announce a Metroid movie, casting Brie Larson as Samus Aran.

8. Nintendo Selects Returns

Super Mario Party - Switch Review - Article

The Nintendo Switch has been entertaining gamers since 2017 with a constant string of incredible hits from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to Super Mario Odyssey to Luigi’s Mansion 3. However, Nintendo seems to have a very difficult time offering it’s games for anything less than their original retail price. This is why I propose a return of Nintendo Selects. A collection of games that have sold well on the Nintendo Switch for a substantially reduced price. Giving gamers a chance to bolster their collection by offering games at a reduced price is a win-win situation. More happy gamers, and more gamers likely to buy any subsequent sequels! I also believe it’s time that all Wii U remasters, such as Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and the upcoming Super Mario 3D World Deluxe get a permanent price drop too. Double-dipping at full price, even if these games do have some enhancements, isn’t cool.

9. Wii U Deluxe

The Wii U didn’t sell as well as it should have. In my opinion, it was a great system with some amazing games. However, Nintendo did a poor job marketing the console and the game releases were too few and far between. Nintendo has found a way to breath new life into these Wii U classics by re-releasing them, with various enhancements, on the Nintendo Switch. While I’m not a fan of Nintendo charging full price for these re-releases, it’s still a great opportunity for gamers to play games they might have missed if they didn’t own a Wii U. To that end, I hope Nintendo continues re-releasing Wii U games on the Switch. So, what games still need to make the jump? Three key titles come to mind; Star Fox Zero, Paper Mario: Color Splash, and Wii Sports Club. For Paper Mario: Color Splash, a direct port would be fine. For Star Fox Zero, Nintendo would need remove those awful motion controls and utilization of the second screen. This would allow Star Fox Zero to play more like a traditional Star Fox game without all those Wii U “enhancements” that made the game damn-near unplayable. Finally, for Wii Sports Club, I’d like to see a more robust update, with new visuals and the inclusion of Wii Sports. In fact, maybe they can just ditch the “Wii” name and call it Switch Sports.

10. Hey Ho, No Pro!

Nintendo Switch on red background

Within about 48 hours after the Nintendo Switch launched, there was a group of fans begging Nintendo for a “Switch Pro”. This isn’t new. For generations, there have always been a minority of gamers wishing Nintendo would release a console that competed at a sheer power/performance level as Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. It’s unfortunate, because Nintendo’s strategy of focusing on gameplay and experience has usually been paramount to their success – they simply haven’t needed the “most powerful console” to be successful. We’re now entering the Nintendo Switch’s 4th year, and people are still clamoring for a mid-generation update for the Nintendo Switch – the suggested “Nintendo Switch Pro”. I’m here to tell you that it’s completely unnecessary. First of all, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 just launched. If Nintendo were to release a Switch Pro, it would immediately be compared to these two new juggernauts – and I can guarantee no matter how amazing a Switch Pro is, it will not be able to go toe-to-toe with these heavyweights. Second, the Switch Pro would likely be capable of 4K resolutions, but this would mean they would need to go back through their vast Switch catalog and add higher resolution texture packs to take true advantage of the new capability. There’s no way Nintendo would go to that effort. Plus, game file sizes would balloon, which would cause issues with existing Switch owners since space is limited, unless each game came with an optional “high texture pack”. That’s a ton of work for a very small benefit. Heck, most good 4K TV’s scale up 1080p games to 4K anyways. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe still looks absolutely stunning on my older 4K TV. Finally, Nintendo has already acknowledged they’re halfway through the Switch’s life cycle. This means we’ll see a Nintendo Switch successor in 2023 or 2024. How many people want to fork out $400-$500 now, for 4K visuals, when a new Nintendo consoles is a few short years away? I’m confident Nintendo will not release a “Pro”, because they want consumers to be truly ready for a successor when it arrives in a couple years. The Switch is still selling like hot cakes and there are some big games still coming on the horizon. Let’s just continue to enjoy what the Nintendo Switch has to offer and let go of the silly Pro speculation – it’s not happening.

And that concludes the top 10 things I want to see from Nintendo in 2021. Heck, even if Nintendo nails a few of these, we’ll have a solid year in Nintendo land. I’m sure a few of you are chomping at the bit with ideas of your own for what Nintendo should bring to the table in 2021 and we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below letting us know which of these ideas you agree with, disagree with, or fresh ideas you’d love to see come from Nintendo.

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