The Top 10 Guest Characters We Want in Mortal Kombat 11

Top 10 Guest Characters we Want in Mortal Kombat 11

The Mortal Kombat franchise is no stranger to guest characters. Bringing in particularly violent characters from games and movies, we have seen some truly amazing appearances with the likes of Kratos and a number of horror movie icons such as Jason, Freddy, and Leatherface to name a few. With the recent announcement of the ultra-violent franchises next iteration we can’t help but wonder who will make the cut in the latest game as a guest star.

With a big bag of speculation in hand, we spitball 10 characters we want to see appear in Mortal Kombat 11, however, this list will not include characters who have previously appeared in the series – no matter how cool Kratos with the Leviathan axe would be. Keeping in mind with the announcement of Negan in Tekken, the criteria to be a guest character is relevance or popularity and a penchant for violence. Now, let’s take a look at the list:

10. Kylo Ren – Star Wars

I think I can hear the collective groan and eye-roll combination already, but hear me out. Star Wars has had guest appearances in Soul Calibur in which the true nature and abilities of a Jedi have to be toned down. This slot could really be filled by almost anyone from the Star Wars Universe, but like him or hate him, Kylo Ren has the coolest powers and is incredibly violent, able to kick your ass both with and without his iconic lightsaber. If you were to take a moment and really think about how Mortal Kombat plays out he would be right at home. Besides, think of all the ways you could kill Kylo Ren!

MK Kylo Ren

9. Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII

Another longshot on this list, Sephiroth has been one of the most iconic villains of the Final Fantasy franchise and that is really saying something. The death of Aeris is one of the most memorable moments in video games, and with not only the planned remake of Final Fantasy VII but the sudden resurgence of Final Fantasy appearing on every console now it would make sense from a marketing standpoint to have a character appear in Mortal Kombat if only for the value of his name. Cloud is in Smash Bros, Sephiroth is the kind of person who needs to be in Mortal Kombat.

MK Sephiroth

8. Geralt of Rivia – The Witcher

An iconic warrior in his own right, Geralt has already made guest appearances in both Soul Calibur and Monster Hunter World (I also lobbied for him to appear in Smash Bros.) I feel like Geralt is on a roll and the Witcher franchise is iconic enough to warrant his appearance and keep awareness of his phenomenal series alive. Appearing in the previously mentioned series was good, but he still had to be toned down. Remember that Geralt is a Witcher; a genetically altered warrior mercenary who specializes in killing dangerous monsters. He already has a complete fighting style mapped out and I would love to see what an uncensored Geralt of Rivia could do.

the witcher 3