The Three Best (and Worst) Games of September 2020

The Worst

Tennis World Tour 2

Tennis games are generally hit or miss, despite the core mechanics of the sport remaining unchanged for generations. Unfortunately, Tennis World Tour 2 is an unforced error, falling within our list of the month’s worst games. In this game, the card system clashes with reality, the career mode is dull, and character models look odd. In our review, we concluded that “unfortunately, this is a double fault for the Tennis World Tour franchise.”


Tamarin is a 3D platformer with action, adventure, and shooter elements. While on paper and even in some trailers, the game appears to be a good time, Tamarin unfortunately falls among our worst review games of the month. The game is marred by a bad camera, missing a constant aiming reticle, and a basic presentation. In our review, we stated that “it’s not possible to recommend Tamarin for anything other than the music at present.”

Paradise Killer

Paradise Killer is a relatively unique game, with its bright aesthetic, intriguing story, and otherwise unique take on the genre. It’s a visual novel-styled game that features simple gameplay, frustrating navigation, and some plot holes. While the game is not inherently bad, it does fall on the lower end of our reviews for the month. In our review, we concluded that “the experience is a long way from video game paradise, but it has its heart in the right place.”

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