The Big 5 – The Five Biggest Games for Jan 2016

Another year has come and gone and with it the holiday rush of amazing games ripe for purchasing in all the Black Friday, pre-Christmas chaos.Traditionally when the month of January comes along, we all hunker down with our new games and don’t think about making any more purchases for a while. Well you can always count on COGconnected to come along a screw with your program. While the month of January isn’t the biggest month by far there are still a few games on the release list that are worth taking a look at. As we do every month here’s a look at the big 5, the five biggest games to be hitting shelves/digital stores in the month of January 2016.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers – WB Interactive – Jan 26 (Multiplatform)

The LEGO machine just keeps on churning this month with the anticipated release of LEGO Marvel’s Avengers. Obviously when you purchase a LEGO game you should pretty much know what you’re getting into ahead of time. The formula is tried and true and as we all know, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Avengers Assemble! Join Cap, Iron Man, Black Widow and the rest of the team on a great adventure done in that classic LEGO goodness we all love.

LEGO Marvels Avengers

Life is Strange Limited Edition Box – Square Enix – Jan 19 (Multiplatform)

Released over 2015 in episodic form this is one of the greatest games from last year. If you’ve played it you know what I mean when I say that the feels, they are aplenty. If you haven’t played it then this is the best way to pick up the whole series. Featuring a 32 page art book as well as a 22-track licensed/original soundtrack this is the ultimate version of the game to boot. Life is Strange is an adventure game that is heavy on choices and will suck you in from start to finish so don;t miss your chance to take in one of last year’s best experiences in the best way possible. An added note, the soundtrack is amazing and fits the game perfectly so picking that up in this package in one hell of a bonus.

Life is Strange 3

The Witness – Thekla, Inc – Jan 26 (PS4, PC)

The return of Jonathan Blow is upon us with The Witness set to hit your PS4 near the end of January. Perhaps best known for Braid, Mr. Blow is back with this 3D puzzler that has been very much anticipated since its announcement way back in 2009. Said to be inspired by one of the most renowned adventure puzzle games of all time, Myst, the game will take players on a journey to an open world island where they will attempt a rumoured 650 or more puzzles. Starting development back in 2008, this eight year cycle finally comes to a conclusion and is very likely the single most anticipated game on this list.

The Witness

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam – Nintendo – Jan 22 (3DS)

Fret not 3DS owners, there’s something for you too! Already released on the other side of the pond this RPG for Nintendo’s monster handheld makes its way to our shores on Jan 22. It’s already received great reviews sitting somewhere around the 80 mark as of this publishing. Developed for the Big N by AlphaDream you join Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario on their quest to… well… rescue Princess Peach naturally. As we have come to expect you can almost always count on a Mario release from Nintendo so this one definitely deserves its spot on this month’s big five.

Mario Luigi Paper Jam

Blade & Soul – NCsoft – Jan 19 (PC)

This fantasy martial arts MMORPG has been out in its native Korea for nearly four years and has a massive fan base. It was announced back in 2012 that the game would eventually hit Western shores in 2016 and that day has finally come. In an effort to likely capitalize on its popularity, or more likely to get us westerners familiarized and excited, there was even a Blade & Soul anime (see it on Crunchyroll) that began airing here in 2014. Featuring unique martial arts style combat this has many action MMO fans damn near frothing at the mouth after a painful wait to see it here in North America.

blade and soul