The 10 Best New Video Game IPs of 2023

Best New Video Game IPs of 2023

While sequels, spinoffs, and remakes can be great, there is always something a bit magical when new IPs are being introduced to the gaming community. 2024 brought a bunch of new IPs to gamers around the world. Based on the results of a vote by the COGconnected staff, here are our 10 Best New IPs of 2023.

10. Synapse

Rounding out our list as the tenth Best New IP of 2023 is Synapse. An essential PSVR2 title, Synapse is a rogue-lite with stylish art and slick combat. While VR games can be hit or miss, Synapse easily makes our list due in part to its addictive loop.

9. Humanity

Maybe also in the running for the strangest or most unique game of the year, Humanity captured the hearts of many as a new IP. A puzzle platformer with strategy elements, Humanity allows players to control a Shibu Inu to guide crowds to a goal to solve puzzles. While certain genres reign supreme in this day and age, we surely appreciate games that go against the grain.

8. Cassette Beasts

Inspired by the Pokemon series, Cassette Beasts is one of our favorite new IPs of 2023. It is a monster-taming game that involves transforming into monsters by using a cassette player. While the concept isn’t exactly the same, Cassette Beasts still features a decent amount of complexity that helps to differentiate it from its inspiration.

7. Planet of Lana

Planet of Lana may be a relatively short title, but its overall impact is nothing to scoff at. As a narrative title with platforming and puzzle elements, its gameplay loop and formula have been done before. However, Planet of Luna puts it all together with an incredible art design and beautiful music that help it secure its spot on our list.

6. The Last Faith

Rounding out the back half of COGconnected’s Best New IPs of 2023 is The Last Faith. The Last Faith is a 2D side-scrolling soulslike title that finds a great balance between exploration and punishing combat. This balance, along with its excellent art direction and rewarding gameplay, pushes The Last Faith up against the top half of the list.

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