10 Video Game Franchises That Would Make Monster Hunter World Better

God of War

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This one’s a bit of a slippery slope considering Sony already had a first-party exclusive appear, but God of War makes just as much sense as Horizon. The Blades of Chaos would be an amazing weapon to use against big monsters. If Sony preferred a more modern promotion, the new Leviathan Axe would work as well. I don’t think I’d want my hunter to covered by the ashes of his kills however. Eventually the poor sod would just be a walking ash pile.

Dino Crisis

Giant creatures ripe for the killing? Check. A badass heroine with a sweet costume and arsenal? Check. A classic Capcom franchise getting some new spotlight with the hope that a new game could come from it? CheckMATE. Dino Crisis in Monster Hunter World makes too much sense not to include it at some point; some of the monsters in MHW are dinosaurs after all, so we’ve all already dealt with at least one in-game…Dino Crisis. Yes. That was a good one.

Gears of War

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If Sony gets Horizon (and God of War in this list), then Microsoft needs some exclusive love too. Enter Gears of War, with its massive suits of armor and machine guns with chainsaws attached to them. If machine guns aren’t a good fit, maybe it’s the Torque Bow or the double chainsaw bow staff Skorge used in Gears of War 2. Whatever it is, Gears of War works surprisingly well in a Monster Hunter setting, on paper at least, so let’s find out how they really fit together.


Okami HD

Look, I like the Felynes. I really do. Those resourceful little kitties have helped me out through plenty a pickle, but if I’m going to suggest Okami be inserted into Monster Hunter somehow I think the partner Felyne we receive at the beginning of the game has to ride the pine. I ask you: how cool would it be to have Amaterasu running alongside you as you fought some scaly behemoth? I would absolutely love that, particularly if the Celestial Brush could be implemented somehow. In lieu of a new game, I’d love to see Okami gets some love in this new spotlight.



Maybe I’m just having trouble saying goodbye, but I truly thought Scalebound has massive potential whenever I saw it. Hearing of its cancellation made me truly sad, but now I think elements of that world could easily live on inside Monster Hunter World. We could hunt giant dragons, fight with Drew’s special weaponry, the list goes on and on. I don’t expect Scalebound to ever make a comeback, but if Monster Hunter wanted to provide a part of the stage for our fallen friend I’d be more than happy to see it.

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