The Ten Best Tracks from the Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack

You’re Not Alone!

You’re Not Alone stands out for a lot of the FFIX faithful, but I feel like a lot of why people love it has to do with where it fits in the game. This is a song that benefits greatly from the gravity of the moment in which it happens. That’s a big ol’ tease I know, but listen to this song now and remember my words here when the song appears during your playthrough. It will quickly become a favorite.

Crossing Those Hills

Overworld themes are usually the most oft-heard songs in a game like FInal Fantasy, so they need to be memorable. Crossing Those Hills is my favorite overworld theme from the entire franchise, so I’m confident in saying Uematsu-san nailed the overworld feel here. It’s light and fun and makes me want to explore the map in full, which is exactly what an overworld theme is supposed to do.

Vamo’ Alla Flamenco

This catchy, toe-tapping number immediately brings all of the good feelings from playing the game back in 1999 surging back. This song plays during two separate minigames, one a staged swordfight in the beginning and again during a Chocobo-themed game later on. Vamo Alla Flamenco tops the list, however, because it’s always the first song I listen to when I’m jonesing for some FFIX music. I keep coming back to it and it never gets old, and for that it’s my favorite track in the game.

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