The Ten Best Tracks from the Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack

A Face Unforgotten

This is a different version of Freya’s Theme, slowing the song down and enhancing the overall somber tone. Freya is looking for her lost love, a fellow Burmecian called Sir Fratley, and her remembering him is even more powerful while this plays underneath. I really feel for Freya in this moment, and Place of Memory plays a big part in that.

The Place I’ll Return To Someday

I cannot properly describe how well this song fits the entire game unless you’ve played it. It immediately sets the tone for the entire game with its medieval overtones and sense of adventure. This song alone makes FFIX a place I’ll return to someday…sooner rather than later.

Melodies of Life ~ Final Fantasy

Melodies of Life still makes me choke up nearly twenty years after I’d first heard it. It’s a beautiful track, not the least of which is due to the fantastic vocals of Emiko Shiratori. This particular version comes with the iconic FInal Fantasy theme attached to it too, so bonus!

Immoral Melody

Kuja is one bad dude, and anyone playing Final Fantasy IX will find that out as soon as he or she sees the white-garbed mage. This isn’t his official character theme (that’s this evil piano tune) but Immoral Melody ramps up the malevolence until the dial breaks. It also has real-world uses: walk into a room with this song playing and pay attention to how awesome you feel. That’s the mark of a great song.