God of War: 7 Parenting Tips For Kratos, From One Father To Another

A Talk With Kratos, God of War, From One Father To Another

Hey there Kratos, Mr. God of War. It looks like you’re going to be embarking on a new adventure soon. That’s pretty exciting! The legions of your followers will be pleased to take up arms with you once again. Wait, who’s this with you? Atreus, you say? And he’s…your son? Well, isn’t that a surprise! You’re a father! The mighty Kratos has continued his lineage…particularly surprising after what you’ve been through, right? That reminds me, your skin seems a little ashy, do you need some lotion? Why are you looking at me like that? OK, never mind then.

This whole parenting thing can seem like a daunting task, but don’t you worry: even the most powerful beings in the known universe can be good parents to their offspring, they just need to keep a few handy tips in the back of their minds. Look, if Zeus could do it you can too, right? Check these out:

Don’t Always Do Things For Him

When Atreus is taking on some Norse abomination, as his father you’re going to want to swoop in and down the beast for him. While that may be necessary once in a while, don’t be too hasty. The boy will never learn confidence and self-preservation if his father becomes his crutch. Atreus has the potential to be a great warrior, especially with you as his coach, so don’t always fight his battles for him.

If He Messes Up, Show Him How To Fix It

Now, while not jumping in to do things for him is key, showing him how to fix any errors he makes during a task is just as paramount. The boy will never learn from his mistakes if you’re just yelling at him all the time. Think back to that first hunt in the forest, the first time we met Atreus. After his first arrow at the buck went errant (and his second arrow at the troll hit you instead), you still walked him through the process and BAM, third time’s the charm. This is a terrific first step for a new father, keep it up!

Be A Team!

You’re going to be traveling a long way together through a vast and treacherous world, so why not make the boy part of a father/son team instead of just a traveling companion? He’s already shown flashes of being a capable fighter. At the very least he can distract foes long enough for you to vanquish them. Keep encouraging him to join you. Who knows, one day in the future it could be Atreus saving you from an ax to the back instead of the other way around.