Sprint Vector: 9 Tips To Bring Your Virtual Racing Game to Virtual Perfection

Sprint Vector Tips – Virtual Racing, Real World Sweat

Sprint Vector is the latest VR game from the Los Angeles game company, Survios, whose premiere VR effort was – Raw Data. Raw Data was a genre-bending FPS shooter for the PC and the PS4. The game was better received on the PC due to its superior tracking capabilities. With lessons learned from that experience, Survios refined their control schemes so that the PS4 experience with Sprint Vector has been received very well on both platforms.

Sprint Vector Beta

Sprint Vector also brings a new gameplay paradigm to the VR game space that is just started to be tapped into. Translating a virtual experience into one the requires elevated physical input from the player. To be put it another way, to do well in this game you are going to work up a sweat like no other game you have ever played before. This game gives you a fun way to work out!

This is gaming on the verge of a new threshold. What’s even more amazing is that Survios has taken the current technology, evaluated its current limitations, and adapted game play mechanics to use what is available. Sprint Vector maybe a skating racing game but it uses arm motion to stand in for leg motion. And it works. Works very well.

A word of caution here, while most players are over the moon with the intuitiveness of the game controls, I’m an outlier. Sprint Vector was the first game I had problems getting the motion controllers to calibrate and track properly. I play VR games sitting down and with Sprint Vector that is not possible. So I had to modify my camera placement to get Sprint Vector to work properly. (Basically, I had to raise my camera up higher.)

Sprint Vector is fun and like the best games, it is easy to pickup but difficult to master. Beyond the surface gameplay, there are tips and tricks you should know about to improve and elevate your Sprint Vector experience.

So here are some of the best tips, you should be aware of.

Sprint Vector Tips

1) Tutorials: More than any other game, DO THE TUTORIALS. All of them. Basic, intermediate, and advanced. And practice them. You need to be able to use all the gameplay mechanics without thinking about them.

2) Speed Meter: Form is more important than effort. The first map of the tutorial has a meter that read your arm impulse. Use this to experiment with your arm swings to find a comfortable way to hit Max impulse per swing, allowing you to hit Max beat faster with less energy used.

3) Maximum Speed: There is a max speed in Sprint Vector, any extra effort pass max speed is wasted energy. You can pass max speed by Nitro, Overdrive, or Grip streams.

4) Drifting: Drifting is where you can really gain an edge if used properly. You can control your drift radius by holding your drift 10 closer or further from your body as well by tilting your head. You can also skate with the other hand to continue moving while drifting. Flying gives a slight boost forward and directs you in the direction of your hands. While in midair, you always want to be flying or breaking down to the ground to continue running.

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