Sprint Vector: 9 Tips To Bring Your Virtual Racing Game to Virtual Perfection

5) Wall Climbing: This is the toughest one to master and probably exposes a weakness of the PS move controllers. If you are having trouble, try flinging with one hand only. Flinging with both may cause a loss of momentum. Also, if your effort to go upwards is not translating properly, try releasing the trigger slightly earlier.

6) Locomotion System: Play around with it in experimental ways and see how flexible it is. Spend time in the Park and get a feel for the locomotion system. Hone in on how much of your own energy is action needed to reach and maintain a maintain max speed by checking your attached pedometer located at the bottom of your vision.

Sprint Vector - Pax West 2017

7) Focus on Smoothness: Remember that your stride should be long, smooth, and comfortable, alternating each hand for consistent pace, and switching to flying whenever you go airborne.

8) Music: To change the music playing in the skate park, shoot the big square button with the cross on it.

9) Play Area: Make sure you have enough room not just around you but above you. You need to be able not only turn but climb.

Finally, have a towel handy. You will need it.