Get Boned – The Sexiest Skeletons of Gaming

The Sexiest Skeletons of Gaming

In our world, “sexy” takes on a whole number of forms. For you, sexy might come in the form of cosplay. Or maybe your kind of sexy is creeping someone’s Facebook page. Or maybe, sexy is the idea of boning the boniest bones in gaming. If that last one is you, then may we present to you the sexiest skeletons of gaming. Here, you won’t find any sensual curves or bulging muscles – you’ll get 100% bone on bone action. In no particular order, as to not offend anyone’s personal skeletal fetish, here are the ten sexiest skeletons in gaming.

Manuel “Manny” Calavera – Grim Fandango

Manny is one sharp-dressed skeleton staring in his own point-and-click adventure, Grim Fandango. He doesn’t exactly have the most impressive career – working as a travel agent for the Department of Death. However, he is quite a witty fellow, and there’s always something sexy about a good sense of humour!

Sexiest Skeletons

Mumbo Jumbo – Banjo Kazooie

Mumbo Jumbo isn’t just a handsome fellow but also quite the skilled shaman. He didn’t always rock the skull-faced look, that was the doing of the evil witch Grunty – but one day he hopes his allies Banjo and Kazooie will finally defeat the wicked witch and restore Mumbo’s face to its former glory. Unfortunately, defeating Grunty might be on hold, as Banjo and Kazooie have been busy battling other gaming icons in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Sexiest Skeletons

Spinal – Killer Instinct

Not much is known about Spinal. Centuries ago, he was a powerful fighter but has been long-since dead. Not long ago, he was recently brought back to life by the Ultratech Corporation. After winning the original Killer Instinct tournament, Spinal decided to give up fighting and pursue a career in acting. If you ever wanted to spend the night with a famous skeleton, Spinal might be perfect for you. You can get a hands-on feel for Spinal with Killer Instinct – available for all Xbox Game Pass members.

Sexiest Skeletons

Sans – Undertale

What will entice most to Sans is that irresistible, dimpled smile of his. He’s also got a very relaxed style about him, rocking his blue hoody and sneakers. however, he’s a bit on the lazy side, often napping. Sans does have one impressive skill worth mentioning – he can rock the trombone. If you’re in need of some more Sans, check out his cameo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as paid costume DLC.

Sexiest Skeletons

Mr. Grimm – Twisted Metal

Few things are sexier than a slick ride, and Mr. Grimm knows this. Heck, he even calls his sweet bike Mr. Grimm. By trade, he’s a grim reaper, collecting souls – but we guess somewhere along the line he preferred handling his responsibilities via road rage. Anyone else hoping for a new Twisted Metal to launch alongside the PlayStation 5? We’re sure Mr. Grimm is!

Sexiest Skeletons

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