Ranking the Top 10 Video Game Trailers of 2017

7) Ghost of Tsushima 

If you’ve been wondering what Suckerpunch has been working on for the past three years since the release of Infamous: First Light in 2014, wonder no more. This big reveal trailer for Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t show off a ton of details, however, that’s exactly the point. Instead, it showcased an amazing open-world samurai epic with beautiful sprawling landscapes and awesome battles. Believe me, this reveal trailer will leave you wanting to see so much more.

6) Vampyr 

This Vampyr trailer sets the story up well and shows off why there’s a ton of reasons to get excited about this upcoming title. Although this E3 trailer takes you on a journey through the streets of London in the early 1900’s during the Spanish influenza, the main attraction of this particular trailer is the combat. It feels new and revitalized and of course, there’s blood everywhere. If this trailer doesn’t feel creepy and pull you into to the depths of vampire mythology, are you even really living? In all seriousness though, this trailer from E3 increased anticipation for the title set to release this Spring.

5) God of War 

If you didn’t think Kratos was a badass before, just watch this trailer from E3 2017. Yes, you read that right. Even though this upcoming game signals a reboot of the very popular series and shows off a softer side of Kratos with his son, he is still able to kick ass, splitting demons in half with ease. And if you were waiting for a reason to really get excited about the upcoming God of War game, this trailer has it all. From dramatic fight scenes, to sea monsters and father and son bonding, this trailer just increases anticipation of the latest title tenfold.

4) Spider-Man 

This trailer showcases exactly what makes Spider-Man so badass. Although 2017 held some huge news and some even bigger trailers for the upcoming title, this particular trailer from Paris Games Week gave us more than a little insight of what to expect from the story. Of course, the story would feel rather uninspired without some huge actions scenes of Marvel’s Spider-Man as he takes down one big bad after another, and in 4K graphics no less. This trailer is exactly why Spider-Man has so many fans and honestly, if your hype levels weren’t through the roof before you watched this, they will be once you have!

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