Ranking FromSoftware’s 6 SoulsBorne Games

3. Demon’s Souls

I remember when Demon’s Souls originally released. The game was critically acclaimed but was near impossible to find at retail outlets due to a small production run. After weeks of trying to find a copy, Demon’s Souls was exactly what I expected: an extremely challenging but rewarding experience. Looking back at the game now, Demon’s Souls might not be a huge challenge compared to contemporary games, but at the time was a refreshing entry into the industry that challenged expectations.

2. Bloodborne

Bloodborne could easily be the number one ranked game on this list, and it could be argued as such. Released exclusively on the PS4, Bloodborne was the introduction for many gamers to FromSoftware. As perhaps the first FromSoftware title with a major marketing push behind it, the Victorian Gothic-themed game was a mainstream friendly title that eased gamers into the challenge with its “friendlier” combat mechanics. Overall, Bloodborne’s strong setting, gameplay, and marketing push really set itself apart from the other titles on this list.

1. Dark Souls

If Demon’s Souls was the title to bring contemporary FromSoftware into the industry, Dark Souls was the one that gave it a spotlight to everyone else. Dark Souls was challenging, memorable, and charming in its own right. In my opinion, Dark Souls has some of the most iconic NPCs, bosses, and more among the FromSoftware games. Whether its Solaire, Gwyndolin, Sif, Ornstein and Smough, or many more, it is hard to forget any of the moments associated with these characters. Based on its cultural impact and overall gameplay, Dark Souls sits atop this list.