5 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Tips and Tricks You Should Know

5 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Tips & Tricks

Welcome to The City of Glass, where skyscrapers are your playground but some are out to put you in the ground. While Faith is capable of some serious agility mixed with ferocious hand-to-hand combat, it doesn’t mean Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a cake walk, it’s far from it. Take the following Mirror’s Edge Catalyst tips and use them to have more ‘faith’ in your abilities.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Runner Vision Isn’t Always Best

Without runner vision you would be wandering aimlessly trying to figure out where to go next. Runner vision sets a trail to follow outlining a route to get to your destination but it’s not always the fastest. Catalyst promotes finding your own way around, some timed activities such as delivering a package require you perfect the run with extreme precision, the waypoints from runner vision sometimes aren’t fast enough which encourages you to travel off the beaten path.

Health low? Shift!

Often you’ll find yourself surrounded by KrugerSec with one bar of health and things are looking bleak but you can turn the tables in your favour by hitting right trigger and the directional pad to perform a shift dodge. Keep shifting around to avoid attacks but to also fill your focus shield allowing you to absorb a couple extra hits.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Don’t Slow Down To Fight

When facing off against waves of KrugerSec, the best way to take them out is to run around the area using everything to your advantage. Spring off boxes, rails and tables to knock them to the ground. Some areas will force you to engage directly and there’s no leverage in sight, a running jump kick can fill your focus meter and deliver a punishing hit.

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