Far Cry Primal – Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Beast Master

Far Cry Primal is a fresh new take on the series, bringing us to a prehistoric time when humans were at the lower end of the food chain. The predators that roam the land of Oros are savage and won’t hesitate to make you their snack, luckily Takkar has a trick up his sleeve — the ability to tame and control wild beasts. This new feature dramatically changes how you approach the challenges of the open world. Knowing how to use your creature to tip the scales in your favour is the key to being successful, this guide will help you get a better understanding of the beast taming system. Of course taming beasts is one thing but there’s a number of helpful skills you can invest in as well to really get the best of it all. Don’t miss the Best Skills for a Successful Beast Master portion of the guide.


Every beast has stats and a unique perk, the stats are broken down into strength, speed and stealth. Choosing the right beast for the right job will make your journey through Oros a lot smoother. There are variations to some of the beasts, for most you can find a unique version of them and they will always have a strength point higher than the basic type. In order to unlock higher level beasts you have to tame an amount of animals first.

Taming a beast requires meat which can be taken off the corpses of fallen animals. Craft meat into bait and throw it when your target is near. The animal will begin to take interest in the bait —this is where you approach and tame it. Once the animal becomes friendly it will remain in your inventory to be called upon at your will.

In the event your beast is slain in battle, make sure you have red leaves on deck to revive them. When your beast falls, you have a short period to revive it in the downed state by feeding it a chunk of meat — this same method is used to heal. Take the time and invest some points into skills that help with gathering resources and also reducing the cost to revive your pets because they have a tendency to run into a group of elites with no regard for their safety. Each animal is separated into different class groups including canines, wild cats, apex predators and cunning beasts. In total there are 17 different animals to master:


This winged companion is the first pet you obtain when you first learn the ability to tame animals. It’s summoned by pressing up on the D-pad which switches you to an aerial view. From here you can mark enemy positions, drop bombs or even swoop down for an attack. Owls are the perfect scouting companion, working as your binoculars to get a better view of things. This is a pet you can use while having other ones summoned.

1 - Owl (800x450)

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