From Best Booth Carpet to Game of The Show, Welcome to COG’s Best of E3 2018 Awards

Best Looking Game – Metro Exodus

Another award that was difficult to give out, given some of the absolutely astounding games this year. Metro Exodus floored us with its gorgeous presentation and environments in the post-apocalyptic waste of humanity. From the tiniest detail to the magnificent sky, Metro Exodus is a game easy to get lost in its beauty and forget that a mutated bear might be charging at your face.

Metro Exodus

Jaw Dropper – Ghost of Tsushima

Given to the game that all around blows us away, Ghost of Tsushima literally made our jaws drop. Right from the first sword swing down to the monumentally epic showdown at the end, everything about Ghost of Tsushima blew us away. The traversal, the combat, the aesthetic, and the magnificent presentation left us trying to figure out what we had just witnessed. Even if it doesn’t seem like your style of game, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look.

ghost of tsushima

The Feels – The Last of Us part II

The latest trailer and first real glimpse of gameplay from The Last of Us II was haunting and magical all at once. Showing that comparison of growing up in that environment, being close to someone and feeling human juxtaposed against the visceral and gruesome violence necessary to survive was beautiful to witness. Following Ellie’s journey and seeing the next steps of her life are a huge draw and every time Naughty Dog gives us a little more we can’t help but tear up just a little. The Last of Us II is nothing less than interactive art at its finest.

the last of us part ii top


Best Style – Ghost of Tsushima

Even in the smaller spaces of Ghost of Tsushima the style is crisp, tight, and dripping with atmosphere. Any one scene from the trailer could easily be a painting on the wall and tell an epic tale. There are so many comparisons of what Ghost of Tsushima is similar too, but not one can define its style which is uniquely its own.

ghost of tsushima

Best VR Trip – Beat Saber

As VR becomes more and more accessible and the technology is being used in innovative ways, we are starting to see some truly great work come out of it. Beat Saber may be simple at first glance but it combines fast and energetic VR with the traditional and often overlooked rhythm gaming, and the more we played it the more we were enthralled by its awesome presentation and truly electric feel. Plus, VR lightsabers!

Beat Saber E3

Best Exclusive – The Last of Us Part II

Xbox made a strong effort to pull out exclusive content this year, but PlayStation has been pumping out unbelievable exclusives for a long time. The Last of Us Part II is just too good not to acknowledge for its perfect blend of true human narrative, stellar gameplay, and commentary on survival and the human condition. Nothing on any other console can compare to what The Last of Us Part II brings to the table.

Last of Us Part 2 Reveal FEATURE

Best in Show – The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II was hard to describe this year. It was soft and it was visceral, it was emotional and it was violent, it was gorgeous and gritty, beautiful and barbaric. Not only does it represent the continuation of a legendary story of humanity, it further explores the concept of what it is to be human both physically and mentally. It is a perfect balance of narrative, action, character, consequence, and morality that we simply haven’t seen executed to this extent before. Even the venue in which Sony showed the game was atmospheric in the perfect way. It more than earns our Best in Show for being easily the most memorable moment of E3 2018.

Last of Us Part 2 Ellie Girlfriend

We thank you for staying with us through E3 this year and being part of our loyal fans who come to us for everything in the world of gaming. It was a blast experiencing everything E3 had to offer and showcasing it here for you. Let us know your thoughts on E3 2018, our awards, and what you can’t wait to play over the next twelve months on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.

Once again, from all of us at COGconnected,

Thank you.