E3 2016 Predictions: Next Month’s Hottest News, Right Now

Oh Yes, It’s Time For E3 2106 Predictions

Where does the time go? Another year is in the history books, and it’s once again time for the yearly migration of the journalists to the watering hole that is E3. E3 2016 predictions are once again raining from the heavens, but you’ve landed in a place with a strong track record for accuracy. Last year, I gazed into my crystal ball and pulled 8/11 correct stories from the ether. This year, I’m aiming for even better E3 2016 prediction accuracy for you, the fans. And now, tomorrow’s news, today.

e3 2016 predictions


E3 2016 is in the bag, and shoot dang what a show it was. The pre-show rumblings of E3’s death were unceremoniously drowned out by a constant and punishing barrage of excellent content and unique hardware. E3 is far from dead, and here are the stories that made this year’s Electronic Triple so special.


Terrific Twos

Developers throw caution to the wind by sticking with successful franchises, but avoid horrendous sequelitis by offering up quality rather than quantity. Each improves on its predecessor with the features fans have been demanding and lush world design that will have crowds lined up around the block.

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 [Yes, I’m aware Redemption was technically the 2nd in the series. I don’t care. This is the second GOOD game in the franchise]
  • Destiny 2
  • Titanfall 2
  • Dishonored 2
  • Battlefront 2
  • Alan Wake 2
  • The Last of Us 2

Accuracy Index: It’s a lock.

Bonus: None of the above hit in 2016.

Xbox Games With Gold For June


Playstation Neo Is A Good Thing, Puts Fears To Rest

Sony finally breaks its silence about its new Playstation. The specs we’ve all seen are real, and Sony shows off 60 FPS Uncharted 4 at the press event. The real news is how carefully Sony has crafted its ‘Neo’ policy. Feature parity and universality are requirements of the program. The driving force behind the upgrade isn’t developer power demands, but cost efficiency – the new hardware is more efficient, cheaper to produce, and more reliable. It’s also a 4K Blu-Ray Trojan Horse. Arriving in October for $399, or bundled with Playstation VR for $749 (savings!). The original PS4 price is slashed aggressively to $199.

Accuracy Index: Mostly probably

Bonus: Sony launches a goodwill campaign for recent PS4 purchasers, allowing them to upgrade to the latest unit for a small cost.



Xbox One Slims Down

The VCR style monolith under your TV (didn’t they learn with the OG Xbox?) is getting an aesthetic revision. The Xbox One S is sleeker than the original, but has little in the way of new features. Price stands pat, but expect a boatload of the bundles we’ve come to expect from Microsoft.

Accuracy Index: Likely

Bonus: The system finally has an internal power supply (HA!)


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