Death by Review Score: 5 Games with Scores that Could Sink a Studio

NBA Live 16 (Metacritic Score: 59)

***Read Our Official Review Here*** The NBA Live franchise isn’t going to take over 2K’s stranglehold on the NBA gaming market anytime soon. Yet you cannot deny, the NBA Live series is trending in the right direction and have made some significant strides. The addition of the seamless mobile scanning app, shooting feedback system, Pro-Am modes, new animations and new gameplay mechanics all lends itself to about the best NBA Live experience we have seen in years. Will EA execs be patient with the development team as they continue to refine the experience or will they slash the studio with cut backs as they try to save a buck? Only time will tell. NBA Live 16 Hero Take 3

The Order: 1886 (Metacritic Score: 63)

***Read Our Official Review Here***  The Order: 1886 averaged a disappointing 63 on Metacritic which is an abysmal score for Ready at Dawn’s first stab at a PS4 exclusive. When Octodad and Just Dance 16 are getting higher average scores than The Order it sends one message to gamers – avoid it! Our review of The Order was mostly positive. Sure the game isn’t perfect but you could argue the games visuals and story are second to none. Well at least on the same level of The Last of Us and Uncharted. Many consider The Order a failure and certainly sales have been negatively impacted by the shabby scores. Unfortunately many are missing out as The Order is a stunning game worthy of any PS4 owner’s library. the order 1886 hero