This Command and Conquer Remastered Collectors Edition is a Treasure Trove of Memories

Command and Conquer Remastered Collectors Edition from Limited Run

What are your fondest memories of the classic real-time strategy games? There aren’t that many around these days, but for a time RTS was the premiere choice in PC gaming and no name on that list could sit quite as high as Command and Conquer. The series set the bar for the genre and laid the groundwork for competitive, real-time strategy games with rich stories, and set the groundwork for full-motion videos with ensemble casts as the norm in the mid-90s. 25 years later, Command and Conquer is still fondly remembered for its innovations and blend of both modern and surreal warfare. Whether playing the alternate history prequel series of Red Alert or investigating the appearance of Tiberium in Italy in the mid-90s of the original series, Command and Conquer has done great things for gaming, and what better way to celebrate than Limited Run’s Command and Conquer Remastered Collection! This boxset features an unprecedented host of goodies for fans of the franchise and we are here to count them down and show you just what you can get inside that beautiful embossed box.


1. Faction Stickers

The Command and Conquer series has always been about the classic struggle against the good and the bad, the light and the dark, and no collectors set would be complete without a few stickers. This boxset includes four faction stickers including the Allies, GDI, Nod, and Soviets. That’s also no trick of the lens, these stickers have excellent detail on each logo, particularly in the lighting effects to give that extra pop.

Command and Conquer remastered

2. Faction Enamel Pins

Want something a little more substantial to show your support for your favorite faction? Have no fear as this boxset also includes some truly beautiful enamel pins – one for each of the aforementioned factions in fact! Each pin feels strong and solid and comes with that perfect shine fresh out of the box to make even a commanding officer praise you for keeping that uniform neat and tidy.

Command and Conquer remastered

3. Faction Patches

If the stickers and pins from these iconic factions of the Command and Conquer series aren’t quite permanent enough means of showing your fealty to the much beloved franchise, why not deck out that jacket with a patch? These patches are just the thing to get that C&C cosplay just right, regardless which faction you show fealty to!

Command and Conquer patches

4. Reversible Beanie

At this point, you might think the box is winding down, but we’ve only just begun! Among the rest of the loot in this impressive box you’ll find our final clothing-related item (I promise!) a black beanie with the Nod and GDI logos on opposite sides! Declare your loyalty and keep those ears warm, but don’t be afraid to switch sides at a moments notice!

Command and Conquer remastered

5. Double-Sided Poster

Some Command and Conquer gamers have a tough time deciding which of the series is their favorite, but why settle for one? This collectors set includes a double-sided poster featuring the artwork of the original game on one side and Red Alert on the other! Much like that beanie above, you can change which side you decide to showcase at a moment’s notice, the important thing is showing love for the franchise.

Command and conquer remastered

6. Laminated Faction Tech Trees

Back in the day when you bought a strategy game you might be lucky enough to get a copy of the tech tree with it. This meant when your parents were on the phone or using the computer you could lay back in bed and memorize those charts for your next session. Well, just like the good old days, this box set comes with not one but four laminated faction tech trees for you to drool on – go ahead, it will wipe right off!

Command and conquer remastered

7. 100+ Page Art Book

Sometimes you need to give your eyes a break after a particularly long play session with your nose only inches from the monitor, so why not bury it in a good book? Well, good art book. The included art book in this collection features over 100 pages of content from the iconic series and is sure to drum up some fond memories of the first time you hopped into a mammoth tank.

Command and conquer remastered

8. 6-Disc Remastered Original Soundtrack

Where would we be without the soundtrack to our most beloved games? The music of Command and Conquer set the stage for our epic battles and was the chorus to our most sweat-inducing victories. Not only will you get six discs of the iconic soundtrack, it just so happens to be signed by Frank Klepacki himself!

Command and conquer remastered


9. Tiberium Crystal USB

Want to keep that shiny autographed soundtrack in the plastic wrap? Not only is this Tiberium Crystal USB an absolute beauty with its own dock to make it a cool decoration, but it comes loaded with the remastered soundtrack! 119 tracks with over seven hours of music, including the recently announced “Frank Klepacki and the Tiberian Sons: Celebrating 25 Years of Command and Conquer.” Plus, who doesn’t want a cool USB?

command and conquer remastered command and conquer remastered

10. Metal Mammoth Tank Replica

Made of hefty metal and with a rotating turret, this Mammoth tank replica is an excellent piece for your desk. Need a paperweight? Want to pretend you are waging war instead of getting work done and being productive? The quality on this tank is excellent and deserves your undivided attention, although that might be difficult considering our next entry on this list…

Command and conquer remasteredCommand and conquer remastered

11. Tesla Coil and Obelisk Replicas

How absolutely cool are these? Made from durable PVC and painted just right, both the tesla coil and obelisk will light up when activated and emit those deliciously memorable sounds of enemy annihilation. Their light is surprisingly bright, even seen in high light conditions in the picture below. Much like the tank, these make for excellent decorations and surefire ways to kill some boredom at your desk.

command and conquer remastered Command and conquer remastered

12. The Collection Itself

What good is a collectors edition about a beloved game without, you know, the game? This collectors edition comes with a Steam code to give you full access to the complete Command and Conquer Remastered Collection so you can play to your hearts content.

Command and conquer remastered

What are some of your fondest memories from playing Command and Conquer? Are you planning to pick up this unbelievable boxset? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below, and for all things gaming be sure to keep it locked right here on COGconnected.

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