Fair and Square Is Coming Out on Steam in June 2024

A Strategic Adventure Awaits in Fair and Square

The indie game developer Octopus Engine has revealed that its upcoming title Fair and Square is launching in June 2024. The exact release date will be announced sometime soon. Additionally, a demo version is already available on the platform for everyone. Last week, the developer released a major update for the demo as well. It focuses on survival mode and there are a ton of new things :

– New units!
– New challenges!
– Revamped rune mechanics: runes now can give direct unique bonuses to units or even spawn super units!
– Runs should now feel more unique!

The multiplayer and duel modes are not available anymore in the demo because Octopus Engine wanted to focus on the main experience that the main game will have. Check out the official release trailer of this revamped demo below.

Fair and Square is a classic fast-paced real-time strategy game with roguelike elements and a co-op system. You need to build a base and closely control every worker and production building. Not only that, waves of enemies will try to sabotage your base and you must defend it with strategic planning. Each turn will provide you with the opportunity to choose unique units and unique buffs, adding a layer of replayability to it.