The Top 10 Black Friday Gaming Deals of 2017 You Don’t Want to Miss

3.   Wolfenstein II The New Colossus – $25.00 ($35.00 Off) – Best Buy

Our reviewer Nick Plouffe loved The New Colossus, saying that “mowing down Nazis has never been so satisfying.” Great graphics, great story, shooting lots of bad guys – what more could you ask for? Well maybe a cheap price? Done. It’s only $25.00 over this Black Friday at Best Buy, so get over there quick and pick this one up.

2.   Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle w/Free Game of Your Choice – $229.00 ($50.00 Off) – Microsoft Store

Ok, we know we told you about another Xbox One S bundle already, but there’s another one offered by the Microsoft Store that’s also pretty sweet. You get Minecraft, plus another game of your choice, along with the console for only $229.00. So bottom line, you’ve got lots of options this season if you’re wanting to pick up an Xbox One S.

1.   PlayStation VR Skyrim Bundle – $349.00 ($100.00 Off) – Amazon

To be honest, this deal blows all the others out of the water – if you buy just one thing this holidays, it needs to be the PlayStation VR. Sony has been solid in supporting the system, it’s got lots of great games – and now it’s been slashed to a price that anyone can afford. This one’s a no-brainer, folks – the PlayStation VR headset, the camera, and Skyrim VR, all for $349.00. This is what Black Friday is all about.

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Well, that’s our list of Black Friday Gaming Deals for 2017. Good luck in your bargain-hunting, and make sure to keep an eye right here at COGconnected for full Black Friday coverage continuing all through the season.