The 3 Best and Worst Games of December 2019

The Bottom


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From the minds behind Katamari Damacy come Wattam, and the past is quite evident in how Wattam appears. Despite the accomplishments of the past, Wattam did not live up to our standards, in particular due to a lack of puzzle variety and generally lack of polish. In our review, we found that the game’s “idyllic madness and the slow, sparse mechanics butt heads to make a game best approached with caution and care.”

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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Who doesn’t enjoy giant mechs? Unfortunately, MechWarrior 5 falls a bit short of our expectations in part due to its boring AI, uninspired story, and repetitive maps. Despite these shortcomings, the MechWarrior 5’s gameplay still functions as intended. In our review, we found that the “gunfire, explosions, lasers, they are all functional, but never awe-inspiring.”

While we generally have a top 3 and bottom 3, we struggled to find a third game that necessarily falls into this “bottom” category. In fact, the other two games that fell here are not strictly bad games, falling into our “decent” score bracket but ultimately not meeting our expectations of them pre-release. Rather than fishing for a third game to add here, we will instead be glad not to have to list a third game here, and instead hope that this trend continues into 2020.