Wattam Video Review – Weird, Whimsical, and Wild

Wattam Video Review

Creativity and ingenuity are the name of the game when it comes to indie productions. Developers need to stand out among the sea of up and coming hidden gems, and they often do this by offering a strong, compelling narrative or introducing a mechanic or concept we have yet to see before. Wattam, from developer Funomena, is a strange and inexplicable experience that is almost impossible to accurately describe. For better or worse, this game defines “standing out,” and does so with unabashed self confidence. Does this sound like a curious experience that might be up your alley? Check out our full video review of the game below.

Wattam is a wacky and weird game from the minds of those who brought you Katamari Damacy. A tale of friendship with over 100 strange unlockable characters to wander around this surreal landscape, you’ll use these adorable oddballs to stack, dance, giggle, and set off colorful explosions to solve puzzles and find even more of these smiling, laughing creatures. Rather than have a definitive narrative and antagonist to the game, Wattam is intended to be more of the ultimate mess-around experience. Characters can interact with one another in silly ways, and as it offers both single player and co-op modes, it can be experienced as wacky opportunity to bumble into each other and see what happens. It is a strange concept to say the least and one not without its charm, but the final execution is just as mind boggling as the concept itself. If you are a fan of the level of weird delivered from the Katamari franchise, this is going to be right up your alley.


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