Battleborn Vs. Overwatch – 2 Powerhouse Arena Shooters Go Head to Head

Battleborn Vs. Overwatch – 2K and Blizzard Face Off

Two similar games have made their appearance and will soon be released to the public: Battleborn and Overwatch. But how will you know which one is right for you? Both have glaring similarities so it can be difficult to make that final decision. Are you into story modes and a campaign? Do you despise progression systems that lock content from you? Or do you just love all things FPS? Check out this head-to-head comparison between 2K’s Battleborn and Blizzard’s Overwatch that highlights what they have in common and what sets them apart.

Arena FPS Multiplayer with Varying Game Modes

At the core of the multiplayer for both Battleborn and Overwatch is an objective based arena shooter. Sure, there are many unique aspects to what the objective is or how players can interact with the levels in each of these titles, but the essential mechanics of an arena shooter are present in both. Though many of the heroes’ skills vary between both games, most have a standard loadout of two basic skills and an ultimate. A small difference to note here is the synergy between heroes. In Overwatch, I’ve noticed that one hero’s abilities can be amplified greatly by your teammates skills while in Battleborn there isn’t as much direct or obvious synergy between heroes’ skills. I use the key word “obvious” because Overwatch goes through great lengths to remind you of its team oriented posture whereas the heroes in Battleborn seemed to be designed in a vacuum.

Battleborn Vs Overwatch

Roster of Heroes with a Past

What good is an arena battleground shooter if you don’t have a wide roster of unique heroes with crazy back stories? In both games you will find an impressive cast of heroes and anti-heroes, each with some type of back story. Giving the heroes this kind of depth makes them feel more like a character and less like an archetypal class. Each of the characters are portrayed along the lines of the theme in their respective games. Overwatch caries an almost reverent tone, one that echoes the ongoing battle of good and evil. In stark contrast, Battleborn continues the satirical and comedic disposition of the Borderlands series.
Battleborn Overwatch

“Loot” Boxes Through Player Progression

Since the joy of simply playing the game isn’t enough anymore, both of these titles offer some sort of progression system that rewards players with random loot. It’s pretty much a staple in modern competitive online games, but these two titles have their own take on the concept of “loot”. Overwatch has a type of progression system that rewards players with loot boxes. These boxes contain cosmetic items of varying rarity that can be equipped for specific characters. Any other type of performance enhancing mods would break the tightly balanced attributes of the heroes. Battleborn on the other hand has a completely different type of balancing that allows for heroes to have loadout that consists of up to three items. More on these later, but the gist of this gear is to slightly modify your gameplay to fit your style.


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