Audio Multitasking with OneOdio A70 Fusion Headphones

OneOdio A70 Fusion Headphones 

It’s 2022 and headphones come in a staggering array of designs and for a wide range of purposes. Gamers, DJs, audiophiles, and casual listers all want different things from a pair of cans. It’s rare, if not impossible, to satisfy all users with one piece of gear. The OneOdio A70 Fusion wireless headphones are budget-priced and designed for the widest possible number of scenarios. Is this a jack-of-all-trades, master of none situation, or are these headphones the solution for everyone?

Let’s start with the specs. The A70s have a 40mm driver and frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. It takes a little over two hours to fully charge them via USB, and OneOdio claims 72 hours of listening time on one charge, or 50 hours of talk time using the mic. Speaking of the mic, it isn’t part of the unit, but built into an optional 3.5mm cable. The package also includes a phono/3.5mm cable for plugging the unit into amps, mixers or other audio equipment. In theory, the A70s should appeal to DJs, musicians, gamers and folks doing some casual audio recording.

The Everyman of Headphones

At a price point just under $40 US, it’s hard to fault the OneOdio A70s for having acceptable but not audiophile-level specs. For instance, OneOdio’s Monitor 60’s come in a little less than double the price but also have a much wider frequency response at the high end. That said, the A70s sound pretty good, with a crisp midrange and sparkly clean channel separation. The low end isn’t impressive but gets the job done. It’s a little disappointing that there aren’t any kind of built-in controls or software for making fine adjustments and shaping the sound.

The microphone is pretty mediocre. It’s fine for casual use but can’t be used for recording or when quality really matters. It’s included in a rather short 3.5mm cable, making it useful when plugged into a game controller with an audio jack. Latency is always a concern with Bluetooth headphones. I didn’t encounter any issues and OneOdio claims a range of over 10 meters.

Comfort and Quality

The OneOdio A70s are over-the-ear headphones. They’re not incredibly lightweight, but not uncomfortably heavy during extended wear. The covered foam ear cups are on the small side. For me, this meant the headphones actually sat on my ears instead of enveloping them, which felt a bit odd for this style of headphone. They also make an audible sound when pressed, making me wonder if the ear cups were more air than foam.

Unsurprisingly, the A70s are a combination of plastic and metal, and the build quality was solid. One design feature I liked was that the earpieces are hinged to both rotate — I assume for DJ-ing — and fold in for packing. The expandable headband is less padded than some headphones, but has quality-looking stitched accents.

A nice and practical touch is a locking feature on the 3.5mm jack input. Of course, this supposes that you’re using the OneOdio cable with its little prongs at the base of the jack. It also doesn’t take into account the cable can still get pulled out of whatever device it’s plugged into. You can also use the phono plug jack to connect the A70s to another pair of headphones to share your tunes with someone else.

I liked the overall matte metal appearance of the headphones, but the shiny, textured plastic cover over the earpieces sort of cheapened the look.

Best Case Scenario

The A70s don’t really excel in any one area, but they’re not disappointing either, especially given their price and range of uses. Whether they’re comfortable depends on the size and shape of your head. The frequency response and mic aren’t going to satisfy audiophiles or hardcore gamers. On the other hand, the low price, very decent battery life and reliable Bluetooth connection make them perfect for budget-friendly, casual use around the house.

***A70s supplied by OneOdio***