5 Terrifying VR Horror Games That Will Make You Soil Yourself in Fear

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater (HTC Vive)

A Chair in a Room isn’t about jump-scares; instead, it relies on the terror we feel when we are trapped, confined, and unsure how to escape. You’re a patient in a mental institution, with no memory of your identity or how the hell you ended up in this place. Using room-scale VR to perfection, A Chair in a Room tests your wits and your nerves, as you work to escape your situation and get answers. If you like real-life escape rooms, you’ll love this game.

Layers of Fear: Solitude (Google Daydream VR)

This is basically a VR version of the acclaimed Layers of Fear, which originally scared the bejesus out of us in 2016. You play the role of a painter working on his masterpiece in his huge old mansion. The problem? He’s completely insane. Through the magic of virtual reality, you are placed in his first-person perspective as he battles his growing psychosis, a constantly-shifting environment, and some really¬† freaky psychedelic visions to finish his painting. After playing Layers of Fear: Solitude, you’ll never look at paintings the same way again.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PSVR)

The game that pioneered the whole survival horror thing roared back into gamers’ nightmares like a flaming chainsaw in 2017, placing us in a sprawling old Louisiana plantation, searching for our lost wife, all while being stalked by the batshit-crazy Baker family. The VR version takes this already-awesome game to another level, and you’ll forget sometimes that you’re not actually in the Bayou, stuck in this Southern Gothic waking nightmare. Resident Evil 7 has it all – psychotic killers chasing you, hordes of nasty insects, pots of rotting stew, and a silent old lady in a wheelchair who keeps showing up at the worst possible times. Go ahead, boy, call for your Mama – she ain’t comin’.

There you have it – 5 VR horror games that are guaranteed to make you vomit in your mouth in pure unadulterated fear. Strap on your VR headset and get ready for some truly twisted fun – just remember to take it off when you run for your life…