5 Assassin’s Creed Origins Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

5 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know for Assassin’s Creed Origins

Have you begun your journey to Ancient Egypt or are you waiting out the sandstorm to see if you’ll really like it? Either way, here are 5 tips and tricks to help get you through Assassin’s Creed Origins without dying…as much.

1.) Make the Most of Your Weapons

Look through your weapons, and get acquainted with what kind of damage each one does, as well as what their passive abilities are. For example, there are swords that have passive poison damage, which as you might imagine, is helpful in any situation. Although this one seems obvious, you will want to equip your weapons for maximum damage and to take advantage of your specific play style. Assassin’s Creed Origins allows you to change both your melee and ranged weapons, as well as your tools at any time, unless you’re actively engaged in combat and standing outside of cover, so this is definitely worth taking advantage of.

In addition to knowing which weapons to use in specific situations, make sure to continuously upgrade your weapons through the blacksmiths for better stats and weapon abilities. Of course, once you’ve found and earned better weapons, it’s in your best interest to disassemble duplicates instead of selling them to these same blacksmiths. This will allow you to gain enough materials to upgrade your other gear and will allow you to hunt less if you care about the animal population in the fictional world that is.

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2.) Figure Out Which Abilities Suit Your Play Style

Similar to the previous point, Assassin’s Creed Origins becomes easier to play when you actually know how you want to play. If you find that you are more of a ranged combat player, you will likely want to upgrade your hunter abilities. With that said, this is also the side of the ability map that helps make Senu, Bayek’s eagle, more efficient. If you like close quarters combat, you will probably want to upgrade your warrior abilities. This brute force approach to any situation also comes with upgrades to your assassinations as well. Lastly, the seer category of abilities is a mixed bag literally, giving you the ability to barter items, as well as access to tools that will give you a tactical advantage against your enemies. Of course, you may also realize that while you prefer one of the categories over the others you will still want to have other tricks up your sleeve from the other two.

Regardless of the way you decide to go, it will definitely be helpful to unlock both weapon bearer (warrior skill) and bow bearer (hunter skill) to be able to have more than one of each melee weapon and bow. This comes in very handy when you run out of ammo, or are up against an enemy that has a larger reach than you. If you also have a equipped you can make easy work of them, without breaking a sweat.

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