WWE 2K22: Five Most Underrated (and Overrated) Wrestlers

Overrated and Underrated WWE 2K22 Wrestlers

Ratings can be divisive. While it’s difficult to brush aside personal favorites, this has to be the case when ranking. Wrestlers have to be judged on their ability, achievement and history, however, this seems to have been overlooked by a bunch of superstars. So, join me as I explore the 5 most underrated and overrated in WWE 2K22. 


Happy Corbin – 81

Hated by everyone, Happy Corbin is a fantastic antagonist. Whether as Baron, Constable or King, fans around the globe booed him heavily. Regardless of this, his achievements in the company are undeniable. Former US champ, winner of the Money in the Bank and the King of the Ring, he should definitely be higher than 81! Not only this, he is currently undefeated in his new ‘Happy’ persona and has the deadliest finisher on the roster. 

Kevin Owens – 85

Okay, 85 is high but is it high enough? Nope. Kevin Owens is one of the greatest personalities on the roster. Having won almost everything and featuring in high-profile segments weekly, he should stand shoulder to shoulder with his peers in terms of rating. 

Liv Morgan – 77

Although Liv hasn’t won anything in WWE, her recent feud with Becky Lynch solidified her as a main event player. Full of potential and on the verge of realizing it, Morgan should be bumped up to encourage more people to select her and build her aura as a superstar.

Mustafa Ali – 77 

Due to a contract dispute, Mustafa Ali has been off television for months. Despite that, his quality in the squared circle is clear. One of the most technically profound athletes on the roster, a measly rating of 77 seems unjust. He needs some retribution for this…

Sami Zayn – 80

No other wrestler embodies the term of sports entertainer more than Sami Zayn. Incredible in the ring, unrivaled on the microphone, the master strategist steals the show at every opportunity. Due to this, it’s a travesty that he lingers at an 80 in WWE 2K22. Like the man himself proclaims, this is just further proof that there’s a conspiracy out to keep him down.