Here’s How the New MyFaction Works in WWE 2K22

What is MyFaction?

After 2K20’s humiliating defeat, WWE 2K22 has come out all guns blazing. Not only does it ‘Hit Different’ it also includes a bunch of new features that make this the complete sports entertainment experience. One addition is MyFaction, a card-collecting mode similar to NBA 2K22’s MyTeam and FIFA’s Ultimate Team. Will this be your new addiction? Let’s find out.

In MyFaction, you strive to create the most stupendous four-person team to use in matches. Each wrestler has a range of cards that vary in rating. Due to their stunning trading card appearance, this does add an incentive to collect them all. Particular cards can also be upgraded by completing objectives with that character. Personalization is at the forefront and you can customize various aspects with your team. After naming the faction, you will need to select a male and female team as well as a manager. In addition to this, you can also equip side plates that offer boosts to your superstars.

The sheer number of ways you can compete and earn in MyFaction is incredible, so as DX says let’s “break it down”.

Faction Wars

In this mode, you will use your entire team and compete in 4v4 matches. Battles offer limited-time rewards so expect to visit this mode frequently.

Proving Grounds

Here you will take a trip through various eras in the WWE Universe competing against superstars to earn rewards. For example, you can brawl through the NXT roster, earning cards for each fight and then extra rewards for completing the segment. With a range of difficulty options too, this mode is packed.

Weekly Towers

As the name suggests, each week you’ll encounter a new tower that offers different challenges and rewards. Again, due to the limited time on these, expect to frequently make the climb.

Here Comes the Money…

MyFaction features three different types of currency: Points, Tokens and Virtual Currency. Players can earn Points by completing matches and daily or lifetime challenges. You can then use these to purchase card packs and other items. Tokens are rarer as they are harder to attain and can be used to claim more powerful cards. Finally, we have Virtual Currency that can be bought with real money and spent on packs, boxes and contracts. While this is a quick route to gain superstars, everything can be unlocked with in-game currency. Also, as this is a single-player-only experience, this doesn’t give people a competitive edge.

In short, MyFaction is a fun grind and will keep you coming back to WWE 2K22. Are you excited to dive into this mode? Will you skip over this in favor of MyGM? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube for some great video game content.

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