4 Reasons Why You Should Be Fired Up Over Super Senso

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Drawing from past turn based strategy games, Super Senso takes a bit of Advanced Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics to create their own mesh of tactical warfare with a plethora of units to forward into battle. We chatted with Ray Bautista, Senior Director of Business Development at Turbo who walked us through the games core mechanics.

It’s a Senso-sational Way To Kill Time

With no central story, Super Senso relies on it’s competitive multiplayer to match players against each other using customized decks of units. There’s 60 different units as of now, but more will be added beyond release. Each unit has their own set of unique skills which together, compliments the users style of play, swap characters in and out of your deck to be more ranged focused, aggressive, or defensive. Given the amount of different units available, Super Senso is balanced in a way that boils it down to the skill of the player you’re facing. Teams are granted a Senso which is basically your champion that can turn the tide of battle, these are the queens of your chess board, they can dish the most damage but can seriously set you back if defeated.

Super Senso

Good for Gamers on the Go

Each team has a fortress that’s constantly bombarded by an eye-in-the-sky beam after every turn. If the time hits zero it shoots your opponents base taking off a minimal amount of damage, however, the more units you destroy during your turn, the more damage gets knocked off. This is motivation to act swiftly which ramps up the pacing so it doesn’t drag on because we mobile gamers have the attention span of a gnat, expect matches to run around 15 minutes tops. Ray explained that it makes the mobile game more accessible for people with limited time to play but still want a competitive tactical experience.

Maps Offer Strategic Advantages

The terrain of each level impacts the way you approach a match, the demo had us in a desert landscape which featured various rock formations to use as cover. Each map can offer certain advantages given you choose the right deck of units. Levels are randomly chosen when you’re pitted against another player, but it’s dependent on your level, as you gain higher ranks more maps will unlock to add into rotation.

Super Senso

You Have The Power To Dictate Future Content

Ray went into detail about how Turbo keeps an ear to the community, having a close knit relationship allows them to listen what players want in terms of new units or levels and they can subsequently create them as they go. So far, with 60 units Super Senso already has a whopper of a learning curve, it might take a few matches to really flesh out your style of play but it also encourages you to try new units to see how it improves your deck.

Super Senso

Considering it’s going to be free-to-play, it’s really a no-brainer to give Super Senso a try. There will be a paid aspect but Ray promises that it won’t be a pay-to-win type situation as victory largely depends on your strategy. Just from my limited time with the demo I can safely say this addictive, ocular candy will drain more hours from your day than you care to admit to your friends.