3 Reasons To Play Hogwarts Legacy and 3 Reasons Not To

 3 Reasons Not to Play

3) Staggered Platform Releases

It was bad enough when Hogwarts Legacy was delayed and pushed from 2022 to a February 2023 release date. Thankfully for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC players this February 10th release date is concrete and in just a couple days you’ll be playing your hearts out. For anyone who doesn’t have one of these platforms the release date was pushed into April, and all the way into July for Switch players! What’s even worse is that for a lot of those who were planning on playing on an older console their pre-orders were also canceled. Can you imagine being so excited to play this up and coming Wizarding World game and then having to wait while everyone else around you gets to play? It’s not cool Warner Bros, not cool at all.

2) No Multiplayer or Co-op

For a world that’s so immersive it’s surprising that there won’t be any multiplayer or co-op component for Hogwarts Legacy. Sharing your experience with friends, family or your spouse is a huge part of any game and the Wizarding World should be one that’s inclusive to all in this regard. At this current moment there is no Quidditch at all and that’s a huge letdown. There’s also no option to jump into battle with one of your friends – tipping the scales in their favor.

Now I’m not saying Hogwarts Legacy should have been an MMO. I’m glad it’s a single player RPG experience. With just how many people would try to kill you online, I’m reliving my GTA Online experiences, it would definitely dampen this lighthearted and magical experience. What I do wish however, is that there were at least co-op experiences and separate multiplayer game modes. Imagine the fun we could have dueling one another, or playing quidditch matches, or having general broom races around Hogwarts! Hell, even just being able to play mini games, like Wizard’s Chess, with friends would be fun. Fingers crossed that we’ll get all of this as DLC content.

1) JK Rowling

It’s no secret that JK Rowling has made some foul comments about the LGBTQ community, specifically about the trans community. These comments come in stark contrast to the lessons found scattered throughout the books, and to her previous comments about Albus Dumbledore being gay as well. As a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise I found this both disheartening and downright appalling. The biggest reason not to buy Hogwarts Legacy is that JK Rowling still makes money off the game. Sure, she didn’t directly take part in the creative process of building Hogwarts Legacy, but since it’s based off of the magical world of Harry Potter she’s sure to make a lot based on royalties alone. If anyone should be canceled for their behavior, it’s definitely her.

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