10 Things We Hope To See in the New Saints Row

5) More Game Modes

It’s certainly not lost on me that Saints Row has been home to many different game modes. They weren’t all winners, but most were a hell of a good time. Deep Silver has already said this is the biggest game yet, so why not add even more game modes to their long list? Some could be similar to the weird, yet crazy fun, Whored Mode. Especially if you were looking for a bit of nostalgia while running around the map with purple dildos. What about a game mode like Cranked from Call of Duty? Or a capture the flag mode between rival gangs? Both would be frenetic and an insanely awesome time.

4) An Interactive Map With More Activities

Surely any game developer could learn from the success of From Software’s Elden Ring. I’m talking specifically about their populated interactive map. It just happens to hit the sweet spot before becoming too overwhelming. It would be great to see Volition have an interactive map with new and improved activities to spend hours and hours on. This could include races in your favorite pimped out rides, or the aforementioned capture the flag mode. I know I’m one to fall into these side quest traps, and activities, only to emerge 10 hours later and a whole lot richer. Bring on the action. We’re all more than ready for it.

3) Kickass Events

I’m sure there will be some that hate the idea of special events “ruining the vibes” of their favorite game but I think they’re great. They can really break up the monotony of the same old activities day in and day out. Plus, they’re mostly a really good time. And that’s all without considering the additional swag players tend to receive just for taking part. How could this possibly be a bad thing? Just imagine a Saints Row Christmas event. Surely there’s nothing better or potentially more chaotic.

2) More weapons

Who doesn’t love blowing shit up? More weapons equals more fun, more variety, and more hilarity. There’s something so awesome about gathering a bunch of weapons up, only to blast the absolute crap out of your enemies. A random grenade here, a flashbang there, and a whole slew of bullets flying in their direction is always a great time. So why not make it bigger and better than before? More weapons just sounds like the best idea yet.

Saints Row Reboot

1) More Playable Characters

There’s something to love about Watch Dogs: Legion and the option to play as any character in the game. It’s complex but oh so fun. I’m not saying Volition should adopt the playstyle of building a world for us to play as everyone. That said, being able to play as more than just the main character or two changes up the dynamic of the game significantly. Maybe they can take a page out of their Agents of Mayhem playbook, scale it back a bit, and fit it into this new world they’re creating. I’d be pretty stoked to play as all of the main loveable and reinvented characters of the 3rd Street Saints gang after all.

What’d you think about our list? Are there any things you’d like to see from the new Saints Row? Let us know in the comments below.

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