10 Games That Should Have Been on the Mini NES

Nintendo’s Mini NES Is Good, But Is Missing a Few Gems

Nintendo is raising a ton of eyebrows lately, first with Pokémon GO, and now with their Mini NES. While the 30 games being bundled with the cutest little console ever are generally great, there are a good number that got the shaft. Here are 10 games that absolutely should have made onto the Mini NES.

Mini NES Classic Edition Mini-Console
Bionic Commando

bionic commando

An action-packed platformer and the origin of grappling mechanics in games, it’s a damn travesty that Bionic Commando isn’t on the Mini NES. With plenty of swinging around, shooting bad guys, and comical 80’s era translation, this is an adventure that everyone should take a stab at. Oh, and the big bad guy is totally supposed to be Hitler.

Blades of Steel

blades of steel

This one is personal. If Tecmo Bowl makes the list, it’s criminal to leave of Blades of Steel. Besides having some of the most impressive VO on the NES – “Flips the pass!” – and some of Konami’s finest 8-bit hot tracks, Blades is simply fun to play. Shout out to the ridiculously inaccurate team colors and the fight system that sends the loser to the penalty box. Now that’s justice!



Yeah, I know, Super C made the cut, but you’ve gotta respect your elders! Contra is prime example of quality shooting at stuff on the NES, not to mention the place the Konami Code really got traction in the mainstream. With cool use of perspective and challenging gameplay, Contra should have been a lock. Spread gun or bust!

Duck Tales

duck tales
This one probably didn’t make the cut because of 2013’s Duck Tales: Remastered, but that’s a sad excuse for leaving one of the NES’ finest titles out of the Mini NES party. You use your cane as a pogo stick in such dramatic locales as Transylvania and The Moon. What else is there to say? Duck Tales is a freakin’ awesome game.

Mega Man 3

mega man 3

Let the debates rage, but Mega Man 3 MIGHT be better than Mega Man 2. That’s right, I said it. It has everything that made Mega Man 2 amazing – tight controls, frantic gameplay, killer soundtrack – but added game changers like Rush the dog and ground slides. I’d also argue that Mega Man 3 has an objectively better set of boss characters, but Mega Man 2’s Dr. Wily theme still pure fire.

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