10 Non-Christmas Games to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

5) Overcooked 2 – Kevin’s Christmas Cracker

Warning: Overcooked 2 can be a stressful, frustrating, and rage inducing experience that may cause you and your company to exchange blows in a physical altercation–what more could you want at Christmas! Overcooked 2 is one of the most fun and chaotic cooperative multiplayer games available today. The game added a set of free Christmas themed levels under the name “Kevin’s Christmas Cracker”. The update includes Christmas themed kitchens, new playable Elf and Snowman characters, and new recipes such as mince pies, Christmas pudding and hot chocolate. Definitely worth playing with your friends or family this Christmas, just remember to leave your anger at the door when you finish playing.

Overcooked 2 Kevin's Christmas Cracker

4) Terraria – The Frost Moon and Frost Legion Events

The Frost Legion is a Christmas themed event that can be summoned with the use of a “Snow Globe”–an item that can only be acquired from presents dropped during the game’s Christmas event (December 15-31). The event spawns waves of evil snowmen to face, and even unlocks Santa as an NPC. However, it is surprisingly the less Christmassy event of the two present in the game. 
The Frost Moon is a Christmas themed event that can be summoned with the use of a “Naughty Present”. Unlock the Frost Legion, it can be summoned all year long. The event spawns Christmas themed enemies from evil elves, gingerbread men, and Christmas trees to Krampus and a robotic Santa Claus. It also unlocks the Christmas Tree Sword which is frankly just too awesome to pass up.

3) Hitman: Blood Money – You Better Watch Out…

Santa doesn’t have much say in the naughty list this year as Agent 47 is taking matters into his own hands. This Christmas themed level gives you an assignment to kill some of the naughty list’s finest, the pornography tycoon Lorne de Havilland, and Chad Bingham, Jr., the son of Senator Bingham. If we have established anything with this list, it’s the fact that nothing says Christmas in a video game like good olé fashion murder. You can even kill your target while dressed as Saint Nick himself. 

2) Dead Rising 4 

Frank West is back to investigate yet another zombie outbreak, and this time it takes place on Black Friday. Just when you thought the crowd at the mall couldn’t get any worse, they become a horde of hungry zombies gnawing at your feet. The whole game takes place during the Christmas season and features a variety of craftable Christmas themed weapons you can use to take on the zombie horde. There’s even some lovely Christmas tunes and decorations in the background to put you in the spirit! 

1) Batman Arkham Origins

Similarly to Dead Rising 4 taking place on Boxing Day, Batman Arkham Origins takes place on Christmas Eve. It is, however, by no means a Christmas game–I mean you are still Batman trying to put a stop to the evildoings of some of his greatest foes after all. That being said, it does have that Christmas feeling you would expect from a game taking place on Christmas Eve. It might not live up to the hype of the other titles in the Arkham series such as Arkham City, but it is still a fun game nonetheless and a great choice to get you in the holiday mindset.

Keep in mind these games are in no particular order and are not ranked on quality or the amount in which these games cover the Christmas season. Of course, we couldn’t add every game with a Christmas component to this list, so there were quite a few that we missed. You can take a look at a few honorable mentions below. Know of any more that aren’t listed here? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Facebook

Honorable mentions: Bully – Christmas is Here, Diddy Kong Racing – Snowflake Mountain, Persona 3,4, and 5, Overwatch – Christmas Event, Stardew ValleyDon’t Starve – Winter’s Fest, Duke Nukem – Nuclear Winter, Mafia II.

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