10 Characters That Need to Be Added to Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite


Is the star of Dino Crisis who’s a member of the Secret Operation Raid Team, a government espionage and intelligence group. Facing wave after wave of dinosaurs within in an overrun facility, Regina had a similar role of that of the protagonists in the Resident Evil series but instead of dealing with zombies, she dealt with dinosaurs. I’m sure her espionage and dinosaur hunting/fighting skills will pay off in MVCI against Nemesis and other burly characters.



Similar to the situation with Chris from Resident Evil, Ryu and Chun-Li hold the spotlight for the Street Fighter cast in MVCI. A nice change or addition to broaden the Street Fighter roster would be to give Juri a chance as her speed, projectiles, and movement is extremely fitting for the MVC gameplay and overall universe. Also, Juri’s vengeful, selfish and ruthless personality, as well as fighting style, would be pretty cool to inhabit the game.