10 Characters That Need to Be Added to Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite


Leon S. Kennedy

From Resident Evil 4 and 6, Leon is one of those beloved characters adored by fans but not given the best attention from Capcom. With Jill failing to make an appearance in MVCI, Chris and Nemesis make their return to hog the entire Resident Evil spotlight. It’s time for a change, and we demand Leon to make it happen. But of course, what is Leon without a certain someone?

Ada Wong

Of course, Leon cannot do without that of the one and only Ada Wong. A sly and smooth spy, Ada also accompanied Leon in Resident Evil 4 and 6 not receiving much spotlight from Capcom either. All I can think of is what a great pair Leon and Ada would be in MVCI, especially considering the 2v2 system instead of the previous 3v3 one.

Batsu Ichimonji  

Batsu is the main protagonist in both Rival Schools games released who’s a martial artist with a strong belief in teamwork and justice. He appeared in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and showed to be a more than suitable character to be in a fast-paced brawler like that of the Marvel vs. Capcom games.

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