10 Characters That Need to Be Added to Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Ms. Marvel 

Kamala Khan is a teenage Pakistani American from Jersey City who made headlines for being a Muslim character being the front and center of a comic book. What makes her so perfect for MVCI is that her idol, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), led her to become Ms. Marvel. Imagine the dialogue that could easily be made for them! She can morph, elongate, and alter the size of any part of her body making her a super diverse character with endless possibilities for a fighting style. In addition, she has incredible healing abilities that could make for an interesting feature in-game.

Emma Frost

Having the ability of telepathy and being able to transform into an organic diamond form, Emma Frost became independent and mature fast at a young age. She’d easily be a deadly opponent in MVCI as she’ll be able to control, move, and deflect things at will. Not to mention, she’ll be just as seductive as deadly, similar to Mystique.

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