Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of Fall 2021


It’s no secret that I’m a huge cat lover, just go check out my bio, but what surprises and delights me is just how many other people are looking forward to the release of Stray. Set to drop this October players must help a lost stray cat find its way home. Not only is this third-person cat adventure from indie developer Blue Twelve Studio cute, but it’s bright and colorful as it brings you through the streets of a crumbling cybercity. View the world through the eyes of a cat and with the help of its droid companion, B12. Whether you’re just looking for a new adventure or you’re curious how a stray survives the streets, this is the perfect title. If you’re an animal, or cat lover, this one is truly a no brainer.


Last year 2K Games didn’t drop a new WWE title, missing their first yearly release in years, after the criticism they received with the release of WWE 2K20. With that year in between many are hopeful that the franchise is stronger than ever. I certainly am. Though there haven’t been a ton of details released since the game announcement, there are sure to be some much needed updates in WWE 2K22; gameplay will be smoother, the wrestling will be more enjoyable and the overall experience is sure to be better than the last few titles, right? Fingers crossed wrestling fans worldwide can rejoice come Q3/Q4 this year with a strong WWE game release.

The Artful Escape (September 9, 2021)

If you’ve seen the trailer for The Artful Escape you’d know exactly why it’s made the list. The Artful Escape tells the story of Francis Vendetti, a teenage guitar prodigy, as he begins his multidimensional journey to creating his stage persona. Not only does it look fantastic, but this musical 2D adventure platformer is super creative and psychedelic, taking inspiration from Kentucky Route Zero. If that doesn’t have you hopeful for this one, there’s nothing else I can say.

Honorable Mention: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (October 26, 2021)

This one took us all by surprise at E3 this year and it’s certainly one to watch out for. Fingers crossed this is the treat we’re all hoping it will be.

It’s worth mentioning that not all games that made this list have a set release date or month, however, the ones without are all thought to be joining the ranks before the end of 2021. What do you think about our list? Were there any big games you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.

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