Untraveled Lands: Chantico Is Releasing a Demo for the Endless Replayability Fest

Get Ready to Explore in Untraveled Lands: Chantico

Developer Tall Troll Games and publisher IndieArk have announced that Untraveled Lands: Chantico will participate in the Endless Replayability Fest on May 13th. Additionally, the latest demo of the game will arrive on Steam on the same day. Take a look at the official announcement trailer to get a glimpse of this Indiana Jones-inspired, survival crafting card game.

In Untraveled Lands: Chantico, players will embark on a thrilling journey through a card-based survival craft adventure. Dive inside a world where you can gather resources, plan survival tactics, and confront epic battles, all the while unraveling the hidden mystery of a perilous jungle.

The game features expansive map exploration, engaging NPC side quests, and a dynamic weather system. Moreover, it has a captivating narrative with an Indiana Jones-esque allure, taking traditional card games to a whole new level.

Taking inspiration from Mesoamerican cultures’ captivating narratives and legends, Untraveled Lands: Chantico offers an adventure that immerses players in a time evocative of the 1930s, replete with nostalgic charm and the adventurous spirit synonymous with that bygone era. The game will be coming out in the fourth quarter of this year, so stay tuned for more updates.