Strike Force Heroes Has Started Shooting on Steam

The Return of Strike Force Heroes

Developer Sky9 Games and publisher IndieArk’s old-school arena shooter Strike Force Heroes is now available on Steam for just $17.99 with a 10 % launch discount. The game is a reimagined version of the hit Flash game from 2012, built from the ground up. It features an expanded campaign with full voice acting, animated cutscenes, a brand-new loot system, and online multiplayer modes.

Moreover, there is also a Deluxe Edition available for $26.97 US. It includes the complete game, a digital soundtrack featuring 14 classic songs, a digital art book, and exclusive outfits for all four heroes.

Strike Force Heroes is a 2D-action arena shooter with modern mechanics. The game has epic storytelling with a unique blend of high-quality art and a twisted sense of humor. You and your squad get stranded on a mysteriously complicated island after a failed mission. And now the team must embark on a journey for survival and find a way back home.

The key features are:

– Customize Your Hero: Level up four classes with hundreds of weapons, outfits, and abilities. Each with its own completely unique strengths, weaknesses, and playstyle.

РChoose Your Loadout: With hundreds of weapons, abilities, and equipment to choose from, there’s something for every play style.

– Epic Storyline: Experience an engaging storyline through fully animated cutscenes featuring wisecracking characters, explosive action sequences, and challenging bosses.

– Endless Replayability: Beating the campaign unlocks harder difficulties to earn better rewards, further build out your heroes, and challenge even the most seasoned of players.

– Online Co-op and PvP: Invite your friends to join you throughout the entire campaign. Or blast them away in fully customizable PvP custom matches, with no max player limits!