The Stairway 7 Is Coming Out on Steam Next Month

Exit the Time Loop in the Stairway 7

Steelkrill Studio, the creators of The Backrooms 1998 and Rotten Flesh is proud to announce the release date of their upcoming title The Stairway 7. The game is coming out on PC via Steam on 17 May 2024. Take a look at the official release date trailer to witness the spine-chilling terror of the game.

The Stairway 7 is a first-person anomaly hunter horror game that will challenge your sanity. You will step inside the shoes of a brave soul stuck in an endless loop of stairways with a cat. You aim to navigate an ever-changing stairwell haunted by anomalies and malevolent forces to reach the exit.

All the while observing the surroundings as these anomalies are constantly watching you and ready to hunt you down. Make sure you don’t take them with you up the stairways to the exit otherwise, they will hurt you, and eventually kill you.

The rules of the game are simple: Don’t overlook any anomalies. If you find anomalies, go down the stairways to banish and remove them. If you don’t find anomalies, continue up the stairways. It will challenge how much you can scan and memorize the environment and your surroundings.

Every flicker of light, every shadowy figure, and every inexplicable occurrence could be the end of your journey. So, trust your instincts and move forward with utmost care. But be aware of the path because the deeper you go, the more twisted and dangerous the environment becomes.