Fruitio Is Now Available on Steam

Chill and Relax in Fruitio

Superstar Games is thrilled to announce that their latest title Fruitio is now available on Steam. You can purchase it right on the platform for just $2.99. It brings a new twist to puzzle games and offers a delightful challenge for players of all ages.


Fruitio is a new physics-based puzzle game where you match fruit bubbles that come down in pairs. The fruits will combine into larger bubbles when they match. When fully grown, they will burst, creating a visually pleasing effect. The game features different special bubbles such as Spikey, Blocker, and Shrinker, that add a strategic depth to the gameplay.

As you progress, the dropping speed of the bubbles will increase, making it more exciting and challenging. The cool part is that it is accessible to a broad audience because of its low system requirements. You only need a 64-bit processor and operating system, with reasonable memory and graphics specifications. You can enjoy it on both Windows and Mac as well.

Key features:

– Engaging Physics-Based Puzzles: Immerse yourself in a gameplay environment that is both calming and mentally engaging.

– Variety of Special Bubbles: Tackle bubbles with unique behaviors that will influence your gameplay strategy.

– Progressive Difficulty: As the game progresses, it becomes faster, offering a continuous test of your puzzle-solving abilities.

– Global Leaderboards: Strive for high scores and compete with players globally.