Roboquest Has Released Its First ‘Arsenal’ Update

Check out the New Features of Roboquest

RyseUp Studios has released the first major content update of Roboquest since its release in November 2023. Yes, you heard it right, the ‘Arsenal’ update of the game is finally live on all the platforms. It comes with a lot of new features that enhance the gaming experience for both newcomers and seasoned players.


Here are some key gameplay additions:

– 9 New Weapons: There are 9 new weapons in the game, each with unique strategies and firepower on the battlefield.

– Shooting Range: Players can now explore the all-new Shooting Range, a dedicated area to hone their skills and test their weaponry. They can also unlock additional elements within the Shooting Range by completing the “Burger Bill” quest.

– New Quest: Burger Bill finds himself in a precarious situation. Players can rescue him to gain access to the full potential of the Shooting Range.

– New Shop NPC: Players can unlock Willy Wonder’s New Shop through Basecamp Upgrades and utilize his services.

– Crystal Powder: Players can now also collect a new resource called Crystal Powder by completing corrupted levels.

– New QOL Options and Fixes: Additionally, the Arsenal Update brings several quality-of-life improvements and fixes.

With 10 new affixes for weapons, 7 new items, and enhanced level variation for Haven City and The Moon, Roboquest continues to enchant its growing fanbase with its intense gameplay and action. Take a look at the highlights trailer below to get a glimpse of all the exciting new features.