Perfect Dice Is Rolling Onto Steam in May

Perfect Dice Is All About the Chances

The indie game studio Tilt Station has announced that their upcoming title Perfect Dice is launching on Steam in May this year. The exact release date will be revealed sometime in the future. Furthermore, a free demo is already available on the platform for everyone to try out.

Perfect Dice

Perfect Dice is a complex card-based roguelike game with a heavy focus on chances. The story takes place in an alternate cyberpunk reality, where the role of a diсe decides every decision. And to get your free will back, you must find the perfect one.

The game plays out very differently from other card games. The logic behind it is a complete brain twister, however, the reward for finishing it will be worth the journey. Explore endless possibilities for deck building, and consider each new card or dice you add to your deck.

In the end, you will either ruin a great build or create the most overpowered one that will effortlessly defeat all your enemies. Not only that, it also follows a subtle narrative that allows you to reflect on randomness and its impact on our lives.

To build up the hype, make sure to take a look at the official trailer below.