Paper Jury Will Start Solving Cases on Steam in Q2 2024

Outsmart the Criminals in Paper Jury

Prepare yourself to hand-cuff some criminals! The indie game studio Paper Cat Games has revealed that its upcoming title Paper Jury is coming out on Steam in Q2 2024. The exact release date will be announced sometime later. Furthermore, a free demo is also available on the platform for everyone to try out before its official release.

Paper Perjury

Paper Jury is a 2D point-and-click detective adventure game that takes huge inspiration from the Ace Attorney series. You will step inside the shoes of Justina Smith, a newly hired clerk at the Azure City Police Department. Her simple investigation of a robbery turns out to be more complicated and she ends up getting involved in a series of suspicious crimes.

The game features five interconnected cases, making it one large mystery story broken into different parts. Along the way, you will team up with the energetic detectives Ernest Hunt and Sofie Swift and investigate these crime scenes.

The Azure City is full of interesting characters with different personalities. It ranges from a tea-loving lawyer, a cowboy barber, a magician, and even a cat. Each one of them has a story to tell and may reveal a clue or two related to the case.

Narrow down the list and interrogate all the suspects, all the while making sure to keep an eye on the environment. And finally, uncover the secrets hidden within the paper trails and find the truth behind these crimes.