Paper Perjury Demo Is Out on Steam

Reveal the Truth in Paper Perjury

Get ready to solve cases and outsmart criminals! A free demo version of Paper Cat Games’s mystery detective game Paper Perjury is available on Steam for everyone to try out. Dive right into a story filled with lies, confessions, and murders.

In Paper Perjury, you will step inside the shoes of Justina Smith, a newly hired police clerk. While investigating a simple robbery, she ends up getting involved in a series of suspicious crimes. There are five interconnected cases which makes the whole story a one large mystery broken up into five parts.

Work alongside the energetic detective Ernest Hunt and discover clues in the paper trail. Unravel the secrets that the paperwork holds. Interrogate a variety of characters while keeping a close eye on the environment. Put the pieces together using logical thinking and find the truth behind these crimes.

Key features:

– Collect evidence from colorful characters, each animated in handcrafted pixel art.
– Interview witnesses, both the honest and dishonest kind.
– Use evidence to catch criminals in their lies and shove the truth in their faces.
– Watch criminals freak out as you outwit them at every turn.
– Have mysteries with grounded themes around the gentrification of an ever-growing city.
– Listen to a jazz-inspired soundtrack to truly feel like a detective.
– Befriend a cat, the most important part of any game.